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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I previewed a PM training course from PMT and it got me thinking about FEAR and project managmenet.

Are you ever afraid as a Project Manager?  I am!

Are stakeholders ever afraid?  Bet on it.

So how do you manage, take advantage of, or decrease the fears that surround your project?

Give me a few days to think about this . . .  but my initial thoughts lean towards these items:

1.  Like stress, not all fear is bad.  A little fear is a good motivator.  Fear that the project will fail.  Fear that you will lose your employment.  Fear that those you work with will not like you, or respect you.  As the amount of fear increases, the returns decrease and eventually become negative.

2.  Any project manager must be ready to leave a project / employer / organization.  Living in fear of losing your job can limit your effectiveness as a project manager.  There are other projects, other employers, other firms.  Free yourself from fear of getting laid off or let go and you decrease the risk of being let go.

More on this subject to come. . .


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