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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The 5 crucial conversations . . .

Following up on my earlier post, I downloaded the documents from and  Here is a list triggers for those five critical conversations:

1.  When you experience fact-free planning.

2.  When Sponsors are AWOL.

3.  When people are skirting the priority setting process.

4.  When people play project chicken by ignoring problems

5.  Team Failures when a team member can't or won't support the project effort.

Funny, but I experienced at least two of these triggers on my projects today.  In only one case did I engage in a critical conversation, but that went quite well.

In the webinar, they also explained that we need to go deep to have these conversations.  To do this, remember CPR (Content, Process, Relationship).

The contect is the here and now.  If that message is not working - go deeper to discuss the process.  If the process discussion fails, for for relationship.  While the webinare didn't take us to a fourth step, it is likely find another project :)

I think this is valuable advice.  I recommend the webinar and slide presentation to any working PM.  Another nice tool to have available when things aren't quite right on a project.

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