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Monday, January 2, 2012

Six Word Accountability

I came across a "six-word accountability statement" this morning.  I had published this while working with Nationwide Insurance. 

My six-word accountability statement is:

"Reach Out; Add Value; Fill Buckets"

What I mean by this is that I will Reach Out to project stakeholders; I will add value to my projects; and, I will reinforce good behaviors and outcomes with my team members.  When I am accountable to myself for doing these three things - I am a better project manager (and person).

What would be your six-word accountability statement?  Please share in the comments section.


A brief web search didn't find "Six Word Accountability,"  but I did find some fun stuff under "Six Word Stories."  Accornding to six word stories Hemmingway wrote a six word story and called it his best work.

"For sale: baby shoes, never used." - Hemmingway

The Daily Lit Forum has a section of Six Word Autobiographies with some fun entries.  My favs are:

"It has been fun so far." - ibbyla ; and,

"Hadn't realized how healthy I'd been." - ribarnica

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