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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I've Been Bad: Appologies

Dear Readers,

Yes, has readers (Plural)!

My appologies for two things:  First, sorry to have been away for over a week.  I have re-committed to frequent posts here at, but I just got tied up this week.   Look for more frequent posts from here out.

Second, Sorry about the tease.  I mentioned two new guest posters several days ago, and have not yet posted anything.  I think that they are both working to deliver an initial post that knocks our socks off - and that may take some time.  As far as I know, both guest posters plan to deliver (and I have another senior PM that I am working on).

So, that's it for this second in the "I've Been Bad" series. 


PS - For Mrs. Casey - the COPS Theme Song (her favorite)


  1. You know, I thought I was going to 'cring' listening to this! But, they really did a pretty good job of singing the theme from 'Cops'!

  2. I'm bad so often that I thought some variety would be appropriate :)

    PS I "cring" at that mis-spelling of "cringe"