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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coaching - The GROW Model

One of the things that can make or break a PM is the ability to coach team members.  I was introduced to a very good and simple coaching model in a recent webinar - the GROW coaching model.

Here is the Wikipedia entry:

I've begun sneaking this into conversations with the people I interact with, and my experiences have been positive.  The GROW model helps me organize my thinking and discussion, and this helps me be a coach instead of the role I often go to - problem solver.

Goal:  What do you want?
Reality:  What have you got now?
Options:  What could you do about this?
Way Forward:  What will you do?

I like easy and effective techniques.



  1. Hi, Very good explanation of GROW. I find it is useful to separate out the 'O' into 2 meanings. Firstly Obstacles then Options. In that way you can look at it as 'Where do I want to be?' 'Where am I now?' 'What is stopping me just going straight to where I want to go?' 'How can I get around those obstacles?' and 'What am I going to do now?' If anyone wants more details I have created a website about GROW which you can find at I have also created a short animation to illustrate the above points. I have also designed some software based on GROW which I would like to see tested by project managers. There is more information at If anyone would like to do some testing please get in touch bob(at)bobgriffiths dot com. Cheers, Bob

  2. Thanks for your great thoughts about grow coaching