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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Leadership: Lessons from Captain Kirk

Check out a fun article on Forbes Magazine:

Leadership Lessons from Captain Kirk

I love these "Five lessons from <some famous fictional character>" type articles.  This one, by Alex Knapp, is especially fun.  He suggests five leadership lessons that Captain Kirk can teach us:

1.  Never Stop Learning (Good reason to visit us here at
2.  Have Advisors with Different World Views (I'm still looking for my Mr. Spock)
3.  Be Part of the Away Team (Jim didn't stay near home - take risks already!)
4.  Play Poker, not Chess (It takes more than logic)
5.  Blow Up the Enterprise (Focus on team goals, don't become enamored with any particular position)

Read the "Final Takeaway" section.  It is a gem!

Bonus, this short post gives me an excuse to post a startrek pic:

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