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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Growing with the GROW model

While I was out sick, we've had a new winner for the highest pageview count for a single post.  The brief writeup of the GROW coaching model blasted past the century mark to take the crown from the Baltimore Story (the ball is in your court Charles :)).

At the same time, I needed an outline for an issue paper this afternoon - and the GROW model worked very nicely in that context.

[Bob Grifiths reached out in the comments of that original GROW Coaching model post and appears top have a  lot to add to the discussion at his site:

GROW (Goal, Reality, Options/Obstacles, Way Forward) - Try it - you'll like it :)


  1. Thanks Alan, I am delighted your post got a good reaction. I still would like some project people to try out my coaching software for projects based on GROW called CoachMaster. If anyone is interested please get in touch. You would be a pioneer! Bob

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