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Sunday, May 27, 2012

About Project Management: News Blast

News Blast

Three news items for all friends of

1,  Friend of the Blog Andy F. has landed his next project and position working in Savana, GA.  He will be managing projects for a major player in the aviation field.  Way to go Andy!  Note: Rumor has it that Andy is working on his first series of guest posts for  He also becomes our Savana area evangelist - so go promote the Blog Andy :)

2.  Friend of the Blog Brian B. has landed his next challenge in the DC area where he will be leading data teams.  Brian becomes our DC area evangelist- you know what to do Brian :)

3.  Our best guest post contest is wide open.  Send us your best stuff and when we post the 150th post we will award a cool polo for the best guest post to date.

What a cool logo!

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