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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Restaurant Impossible

I like the type of reality TV that portrays real projects.  One of my favorites in this genre is the Food Network's Restaurant Impossible with Chef Robert Irvine.

The formula is simple, for a failing restaurant (and I mean FAILING) Chef Robert arrives with his knowledge and leadership, a carpenter, and a designer.  With a schedule of two days and a budget of $10,000 they save the failing restaurant.

It was fun to find out that Charles is also a big fan of this show.

Here is a summarized typical show:

Act 1:  Robert orders a dozen meals and is totally grossed out by the food he is served.
Act 2:  Kitchen inspection - "This is the filthiest Kitchen I've ever seen."
Act 3:  Designer Interview - I should spend $100,00 on this project, but I'll get creative and see what we can do . . .
Act 4:  Kitchen Cleaning - Oh look, a dead rat!
Act 5:  New Menu - Robert teaches the chef to cook (Really)
Act 6:  Reveal - Here is your new restaurant
Act 7:  We are so blessed, thank you for saving our (Family, life, marriage, business, etc.)

The first video is a bunch of fun clips from the show (warning - overly long into - be patient)

Double click YouTube icon to watch on YouTube

More after the break . . .

Here are a few show summaries - as always, double click the YouTube icon to watch on YouTube.

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