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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beeminder Followup - My Journey

Followers know that I am a big fan of  I use BeeMinder for my weight loss project and just started using it to keep my commitment to post frequently here at

My weight loss progress is better than I've ever experienced without expensive professional help.  Let's take a look at my current graph:

Analysis after the break . . .


1.  April and May were very good months!  This is the initial "I have to lose weight for my health" push that took me from 274 to a low reading of 256.  Awesome progress!

2.  June was a bad month for my weight loss project.  I moved back up for a high reading of 262.  A key benefit of is that the graph allowed me to focus on the long term goal.  That is, even though I gained a few pounds in June - I remained under my goal's slope and could focus on that positive without freaking out about that few weeks of poor performance.

3.  As I approached my goal (yellow brick road) with a negative short-term trend, I was motivated by my contract with BeeMinder to find a better solution.  In July I was referred to the book "Why We Get Fat" by Gary Taubs.  I read the book and started following diet guidelines from the Duke Medical Center.  I zoomed down to a low of 243.

4.  I've been hanging around the 246 mark since August - and the down slope of my contract kept getting closer and closer.  Note that the sole of the contract becomes flat (I changed the terms of my contract with a 7-day advanced notice).

Today I need to focus on the positive (I've down 28 pounds and have been on track for 220 days.  Once I get back on the weight loss track - I will revise my contract downward again.

Summary: is a great tool and has been a blessing to me.  Highly recommended!


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