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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scrum Master Lord of the Universe

Diana Mouter's ignite talk "How I Became Scrum Master Lord of the Universe" is entertaining and reflects my experience becoming enamored with Scrum (and I never even took the two-day course). 

In my case, I studied up and then tried scrum with an ongoing project.  In theory - perfect.  In practice - difficult with outstanding results!  Most important for me was my journey from PM to Scrum Master.  They are different roles and my PM kept wanting to show up and dominate the daily Scrum.  My team was really cool about this and helped me make the transition.

About Ignite Talks:  Ignite talks rock!  The format is 5 minutes and 20 slides with the slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds.  More at

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