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Friday, March 8, 2013

Balancing PPM for Business and IT

CA and hosted a summit yesterday titled "Balancing PPM for Business and IT""

The sessions are available as recordings and most qualify for PDUs.

Here are the session details . . . 

Summit Webcasts:

Beyond Tactical Shores: Ride the New Portfolio Management Wave 1 PMI PDU
Presented by guest speaker Margo Visitacion, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc. & Mary Cauwels, CA Technologies
7am PT/10am ET/3pm GMT - Register Here
Portfolio management is something everyone says they need, but few use it to its fullest potential; too often it’s tactical and too narrowly focused. Planning is reduced to annual budget cycles rather than strategic investment, emphasizing time over value, bogging down the demand pipeline, making it impossible to pivot when high value work is needed. This elemental disconnect frustrates business executives, IT and product organizations alike because they cannot effectively trace costs to value. Product and project teams are continually faced with bottlenecks caused by a combination of constrained resources and unforeseen dependencies. Companies are trying to combat this, but they’re not holistically; they are interested in business process and capability management, but not always linking it to planning and execution processes. They are trying to adopt Agile but in isolated projects. This tension is creating a culture shift that is forcing companies to fundamentally change the way they plan and execute. The next generation of portfolio management must be holistic, a combination of approaches and supporting technology that marries long term vision while optimizing work in ways that supports flexibility without incurring unnecessary risk. This presentation discusses the cultural shifts, current technology trends, and future opportunities for companies to use portfolio management to its greatest potential in order to plan strategically while managing the flow of work in a way that promotes flexibility and predictability in order to achieve greater value.
All attendees will be eligible for 1 PMI PDU.


PPM In 4 Weeks- Yes it is Possible!
Presented by Crystal Miceli & Nadeem Malik, CA Technologies
6am PT/9am ET/2pm GMT - Register Here
8am PT/11am ET/4pm GMT - Register Here
Join Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) expert, Nadeem Malik from CA Technologies, as he discusses the fastest, most cost effective method to receive immediate PPM benefits without the traditional PPM price tag. Learn why some organizations can benefit by adopting a SaaS-based PPM solution and how they can leverage centralized, real-time project and resource management, as well as cost and time tracking with CA Clarity® PPM On Demand CODE 50.
CODE 50 answers the needs of organizations across the globe by providing essential PPM features with future scalability into the robust CA Clarity PPM platform. Attend and learn how to get started today!
10 Tips to Help You Achieve Value from your PPM Program 1 PMI PDU
Presented by Crystal Miceli, CA Technologies and Laureen Heinz, CA Technologies
9am PT/12pm ET/5pm GMT - Register Here
Trying to balance genuine, short term needs and long term aspirations? Have you reconciled the full capabilities of your PPM technology with what your organization really values and can realistically adopt? Can you quickly deploy one solution that satisfies both business and IT needs and delivers increasing value over time? We’ll share lessons learned from 100’s of engagements, highlight common mistakes and provide you with best practices to help you get started.
All attendees will be eligible for 1 PMI PDU.
Developing the Right New Products for your Customers—and your Business 1PMI PDU
Presented by Jim Brown, President, Tech-Clarity Inc., Pamela Soin, Senior Manager, Kalypso, and David Werner, CA Technologies
10am PT/1pm ET/6pm GMT - Register Here
Too often, new product development is driven by guesswork, assumptions or the loudest customer or senior staff member. As a result, many new products that make it to market don’t deliver the sales, customer value or business benefits they should. Join David Werner from CA Technologies and Kalypso to learn how your organization can leverage established best practices to make sound product investment decisions. Learn how to use industry-proven evaluation criteria to identify the product investments with the best potential value for your customers and your business. Hear techniques you can use to build products that meet market needs, achieve financial objectives, and advance your business strategies.
All attendees will be eligible for 1 PMI PDU.
5 Steps to Agile Success – What Every Organization Should Know 1 PMI PDU
Presented by Andy Jordan, Research Analyst, and David Werner, CA Technologies
11am PT/2pm ET/7pm GMT - Register Here
Join Andy Jordan, Research Analyst, as he discusses five key recommendations that organizations should apply to their Agile processes based on an extensive recent survey of Agile practitioners. By attending this session, you will learn about trends in the evolution of Agile and how you can deliver the full potential of Agile for your organization.
Other topics include:
  • Review of the results from the industry research report “The Agile Evolution”
  • Discussion on why the ability to demonstrate alignment between Agile execution and the achievement of business benefits is essential to success
  • Recommendations for project professionals as they implement or enhance Agile within their own organizations
  • Discussion on the future of Agile
All attendees will receive a copy of Andy Jordan’s latest industry research report “The Agile Evolution”.
All attendees will be eligible for 1 PMI PDU.

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