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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blogging PMXPO - Jeffery Ma

After a frustrating experience last year, this year I am able to access's PMXPO! (formerly offers this virtual trade show for PMs every year.  It is a

 great source of Professional Development Units with no cost at all.  Note that you may register for

PMXPO anytime and the recordings are up until late July.

First up - Jeffery Ma.  His claim to fame is that he was the guy profiled on the movie "21" - yes the Blackjack - Card Counting movie.

Some gems from Jeffery's talk:
  • Always make the right choice (can't always have the right outcome).
  • Make business decision independently of recent results
  • Reduce risk by making lots of decisions (more is better!)
  • Make Difficult Decisions (Don't hold on 20 - Split)
  • Make Unemotional Decidions without Bias
  • Focus on the process, not the results and you will drive positive results over time
  • A decision to maintain status quo is still a decision
  • Don't confuse outcome with decision (Good decisions can cause poor outcomes)

About 2,400 attendees for Jeffery's Keynote.  More later today . . .

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