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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Crowd-Funded Project of the Week - NeoLucida

I find crowd-funded projects fascinating!  In this first installment of a weekly series I highlight an interesting current crown-funded project.

NeoLucida is an optics product and the project to deliver it.  An artist looks into the prism and sees both his subject, and the paper and pencil or brush.  This is an ancient concept, but only available with antiques or very expensive custom builds - until now . . .

I'm funding this one at the $40 level and hope to receive a NeoLucida in exchange.  My creative daughter should get a kick out of this.

Note how heavily this is funded with just a few days of active campaign!  Click through to see that Pablo and Golan have planned for this over-funding - very impressive project planning and risk assessment (yes, in a kickstarter - too much funding is a risk).

Let me know if you like the idea of "Crowd-Funded Project of the Week"

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