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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tools Tuesday - An Uncluttered Workspace

Project management tools encompass more than software.  In this first "Tools Tuesday" post, I present the need for an uncluttered workspace as a key tool in your success as a working project manager.

My inspiration comes from an excellent article by Mikael Cho at  The article is "How Clutter Affects you and what you can do about it."

This article inspired me to:

  1. Remove all the "eye candy" except one painting from the wall I face while working at my desk
  2. Remove 90% of the stuff from my desk top - moving the "Must Have" items our of my line of sight on my wrap around desk.
  3. Remove (move) almost all of the icons from my Windows Desktop
  4. Post my 3 top weekly goals as the only significant item in my line of sight (other than monitors, phone, keyboard, and mouse.
Here is the result on my physical desktop- Note that I do have a drink and legal pad (my current task) on the desk.  

SO far, I have noticed that my mind wanders less and stays on task more.  This is a very good thing!

I recommend both Mikael's article and this approach

Now - if I can just remove all the interruptions!


  1. I have found that putting time on your calendar to complete tasks, turning off instant messaging, and shutting down email all help. The challenge I have is to keep the discipline and focus and not let the mind wander.

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