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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crowd-Funded Project of the Week - Pressy

This one popped up during my recent sabbatical - I couldn't let it pass unmentioned.  Just 5 days remain as of this post.  Note the massive over-funding.  This is a very popular project.

Pressy is a project that offers a button added to an android device via the audio port.

Pressy is a physical device and an app.  It adds a physical button to your android device.  Use combinations of short and long button clicks to take photos, update social media, send standard messages, etc.  The app works with the Pressy button OR when you remove the Pressy device (stored on a key-ring sleeve) the app lets you control your device using the same short and long clicks on your headphones.    Slick!

This would surely become a Friday "Brilliant Design" post if I had missed the funding window for "Crowd-Funded Project of the Week!"

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