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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crowd-Funded Project of the Week: Canary in a Coal Mine

This week's Crowd-Funded Project of the Week is a documentary film about the worst disease you've never heard of.  "Canary in a Coal Mine" has met their initial funding goal and is trying to beat the record for number of backers (6509).  I'm in for a buck!

Project Link:

Join me and fund this one.


  1. From the Kickstarter Project's Update #4:
    We are thrilled to announce that has a new piece about Canary in a Coal Mine and the realities of life with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. It features interviews with Jennifer Brea, Nancy Klimas, and Jessica Taylor.

    At the heart of this project is a belief in the unique power of film and media to bring to light the stories of people with otherwise invisible illnesses. This is one of the rare times that Myalgic Encephalomyelitis has been portrayed in American media with that name and with an unblinking focus on how severe this disease can be for many.


    Please consider sharing, tweeting, liking, and commenting on the story. We need to let ABC and the world know there's demand for stories like this.

  2. 985 Backers with a goal of 6,509 and 22 days to go. Let's get this project some more backers!

  3. In my inbox this morning . . .

    Project Update #7: Canary is a Paley DocPitch Finalist!
    Posted by Jennifer Brea ♥ Like

    We are thrilled to announce that Canary in a Coal Mine has been selected as one of five finalists in the Paley DocPitch Competition.

    What does this mean? On November 16th, we'll get a chance to pitch our film to a committee of executives from USA, A&E, MTV, History, PBS (POV), and an audience of professionals in film and television, gathered at The Paley Center for Media.

    The winner receives $5,000 for their film as well as mentorship. While we are a long way from having a finished film to sell, it's a wonderful opportunity to bring the project before a group of filmmakers and industry experts, get early feedback, and build relationships.

    So now for the big question: what should we mention in our pitch?

    Jen & Kiran

  4. Update: 1,410 backers with a goal of 6509 and just 16 days to go . . .