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Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to - Sell Agile Part 1 of 2

Today's "How To Thursday" post is about selling agile methodologies.  I happened upon a great series of videos by an agile coach with ProXL Consulting. 

Here are the first two in a series of YouTube videos featuring Raja from ProXL Consulting.  Raja does a great job defining waterfall and describing the challenges or waterfall along with the false assumptions inherent in defenses I've heard of Waterfall methodologies.

Video 1:  Introduction to the Waterfall Model

Video 2:  Problems of Waterfall

Video Link:

Highlight:  Issues of Traditional Software Development
  • Unclear Requirements
  • Requirements Change
  • Lack of Customer Involvement
  • Accuracy of Estimation
  • Uneven Loading of the Resources
  • Last Minute Corrections are Difficult
  • Not much time for Testing
  • Lots of Documentation
  • Schedule and Cost Overruns
  • Lots of late Nights Prior to Final Delivery
  • Unhappy Customers
Next week - Raja's descriptions of why we should use Agile. . .

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