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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Technical Community in Grand Rapids Michigan

I attended "Dev Night" at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids last month, and it was inspiring and infomative.  Take aways come in two flavors - Specific JS learnings; and how to connect to the GR tech community.  This post captures both for my (and your) reference:

How to Connect with the GR Tech Community:

  • offers a calendar of events in the GR area.  Very cool!
  • The Factory is starting a 12-week programming course, starting in January: Note- as of today, this site is just a "Contact Us" link that opens a "Mailto"

Other Take-Aways

  • J. Tower of Falafel Software gave a great talk about creating single page apps.  Check out his blog at
    • Javascript isn't going anywhere
    • Stresses modularity (one of my favorite design principles)
    • is a cool utility to see Javascript changes in real time
    • Stresses use of JS libraries with demos of Angular.js and kendo
    • demos us of a "Router" to bind with a DB real time.
  • JS Libraries Panel
    • Praise for CoffeeScript
      • Compiles into (good) javascript
    • Praise for Karma (Testing tool for Angular.js)
    • 4 of 4 use Angular (including the CoffeeScript proponents)
    • Praise for Node.js for server side

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