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Saturday, January 7, 2012

AboutProjectManagement's ANKI Project - Part 1

As we've become more active posting here on, I want to learn and retain some of the great information contained in our posts.

Enter Anki, an important part of my project management toolkit.  Anki is a Flash-Card system using active recall testing and spaced repetition. These make Anki more efficient than traditional study methods.

I don't remember how I initially found Anki.  It may have been this KK Cool Tools post, or it may have been this post.  I'm glad to have found it and happy to pass it along.

It will be fun to capture all the great material we post here at in an Anki deck an share it.  With that goal in mind, I propose four more Anki-related posts:

Anki Part 2:  Getting and installing the local client
Anki Part 3:  Shared Decks
Anki Part 4:  The decks
Anki Part 5:  Browser and Mobile Access

And moving forward, we can add cards to our deck to help us all retain our mastery of all things related to Project Management.

What do you think?  Add a comment and share . . . .

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