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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

AboutProjectManagement's Anki Project - Part 2

Recall from Part 1, that Anki is a high tech flashcard program, and that I've committed to create an Anki deck with key learnings from

This brief post walks os through the steps to download and install a local Anki client.  Note that the local client is optional!  If you wish, you may access the Anki deck via a browser (after I post the instructions in a future post).

So here is the super simple process:

Step one:  Google Anki
Step two:  Find the Anki that is a flashcard program (not the musical artist)
Step three:  Download Anki for you platform (e.g., win, mac, linex, etc.)
Step four: Install

After you've installed Anki you will note that you can download Anki Decks.  My evil plan is to upload (and maintain) and deck with facts from the various informative posts on our blog.

Next up:

Anki Part 3:  Shared Decks
Anki Part 4:  The decks
Anki Part 5:  Browser and Mobile Access

PS  Yes, this is a short post - busy day, but I try to have some new material for you each and every day :)

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