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Monday, February 27, 2012

Personal Productivity - The continuing Experiment

It's been almost three weeks since I started my experiment in improving my personal productivity.  Here is the original post:  Experiment - My Personal Productivity System.

Using principles I learned form "Getting Things Done," I planned to create a simple process that allows me to park my "To Do" items and stop stressing about them.

A key technology has been (see my post on this tool:  Trello is an automated board containing lists with each list containing cards.  I use four Trello boards to implement my productivity system.  The process board is where I go first.  I contains discriptions of my process along with appropriate links:

Just read work through the lists from left to right, and work the cards from top to bottom.  It seems to help me a lot to have these decision made before I start my work day.

The remaining three boards are my actual prioritized "to do" lists.  One each for Work, Home and

Tomorrow we can walk through one of these to show you exactly what I'm doing - and I'll describe the reults to date (Hint - Very Good!)

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