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Friday, February 17, 2012

Risk Management – The Overlooked First Process of Project Planning - Part 2 of 6

You received an orientation and “marching instructions” for your new project.  Your mind is swirling with all the things that you have to do, you are confident that you can do this, but also a little concerned because this project is different than any you have guided before.
You start by listing the things to be done:
·        making sure that the scope is clear,
·        staffing the planning teams,
·        gathering experts together,
·        making sure that the right people are involved,
·        coordinating the planning,
·        gathering requirements,
·        documenting existing workflows,
·        creating plans,
·        and more.
You even schedule a Risk Management session for when all the planning stuff settles down and you have a clear, documented path going forward.
You get started and there are a lot of things happening – meetings are being held, discussions are intense and sometimes complicated, summary notes are kept, minutes and status are being published, and you are happy with your progress.  Terms like swim lanes, organizational dependencies, solution architecture, user communities, and more are filling your mind.
But . . . , in the back of your mind, you’re asking yourself if you missed something.
Part 3 identifies the missing something and what you should do about it.  See you then.

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