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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Risk Management – The Overlooked First Process of Project Planning - Part 3 of 6

In Part 2, “Starting a New Project”, I suggested that there may have been something you missed as you conducted Project Planning for your project.
You had the right idea with scheduling a Risk Management session once all the planning stuff settles down and you have a clear, documented path going forward; however, it may be too late and some critical risks may be forgotten because of intense conversation around clarifying and organizing a solution.  Having a Risk Framework in place during planning allows capturing the Risk as a routine part of the planning process rather than being captured later in the planning process.
I recommend holding an initial Risk Workshop at the beginning of the project.  This initial Workshop sets the framework for all Risk related activities, including other Workshops, for the duration of the project.  This initial Workshop, along with Scope and Organizational discussions, is invaluable for setting the tone and methods for Risk activities.
Part 4 presents some examples of risks. See you then.

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