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Monday, February 13, 2012

Scrum et al. Google Tech Talk on Scrum

Returning back to Scrum after an absence.  This video, from a Google Tech Talk, presents Scrum co-developer Ken Schwaber describing and discussing Scrum.

Note:  Double click to view on You Tube
Note2:  Claim one PDU if you watch the vid.


Scrum References List (Updated):

The Scrum Guide:  The Definitive Guide to Scrum - The Rules of the game
Note that the Scrum Guide is revised as of July 2011 - this link is to the current version

Video:  Learn SCRUM in Under 10 Minutes

Scrum Practitioner's Group at LinkedIn

Video: Collabnet Introduction to Scrum

Bill Wake's Scrum on a Page's Scrum Wiki

Scrum et al.  Google Tech Talk on Scrum by Ken Schwabe

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