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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Awesome Agile Resource -

I took in a webinar hosted by VersionOne during my lunch hour on Wednesday, and was introduced to an awesome agile resource. is a site by Len Lagestee who is the Manager of Project Management and Methodology for  The site hosts a blog on Agile Leadership, a series about the scrum master role, and awesome sketches like the one linked below.

Check it out!  Warning - this may soak up a few hours :) is a definite addition to our agile resources list.  Note that this is now hosted as a separate page at [add link].


  1. An agile process tends to focus on iterations, and client feedback, to allow for the inevitability of changing requirements whereas a waterfall process tries to define all requirements up front, and tends to be inflexible to changing requirements. You can learn more about agile and scrum by referring to some free resources ( provided by scrumstudy or by attending any agile scrum certification courses. I would personally suggest Agile Expert Certified course or a Scrum Master Certification to you. they have a very good free resource and then put this link there

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