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Friday, June 8, 2012

Massive Online Collaboration

I am fascinated by projects that aim for massive collaboration.  I was ignorant of these until I saw a great TED talk on the subject.  Here is Luis von Ahn describing his work at TEDxCMU:

Click the YouTube icon to view on YouTube

DuoLingo, the massive collaboration project that Luis describes in the talk is not in beta (I am a beta tester) and it ROCKS!  I am learning Spanish and have already translated parts of the web from Spanish to English :)

Enjoy this, one of my favorite TED Talks. 

Any great ideas on additional massive online collaboration ideas?  Any that target projects and project management?  Add a comment!

FYI:  Here is a screen shot of my DuoLingo page . . .


  1. Alan, very nice write up!Good luck withn the project.

  2. Good luck with the project Alan......

  3. I never knew that is what captures were doing.