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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tools Rant!


I can't understand why information technology professionals so often use the wrong tools!

Pardon my frustration, but I ran into this over and over today.  The right tool makes work a joy, the wrong tool makes it a misery.  Kind of like this H&R Block commercial . . . 

For some people, the spreadsheet is the only tool in the tool belt.  As good as spreadsheets are for financial analysis and what if analysis - they are not database management systems.

For others, the Project Portfolio Management system is the be all and end all.  Ditto reporting tools, case tools, word processing tools, editors, IDEs, . . .    The list is endless.

My advice is to take a quick look at the beginning of a task or activity to see if you are using the best tool for the job.  I've seen too many professional service hours squandered over poor tools choices - often by other than the person charged with delivery.

Thanks for your concern - I'll get over this . . .


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