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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Simon Sinek's Golden Circle

This week's tool is Simon Sinek's golden circle as described in this TED talk:

Link at

Simon walks through his "Golden Circle" and paints a picture of how to improve your messaging.

Trying to apply Simon's advice, to go from the inside out, here is my message for

(Why)  I believe that projects are everywhere, ubiquitous, and that it is in the thousands of projects I see everyday that I can have the greatest impact.  (How) I impact projects by being a constant source of positive reinforcement and encouragement to everyone working on projects.  (What) I post to six days a week to share good news, good thoughts, and great projects with my project peers.

Wow!  It works!  After I post this, I'll add this to the header on

Share your thoughts (or experiments) in the comments.

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