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Thursday, February 6, 2014

How To Sell Agile (pt 2 of 2)

Continuing with Raja, from ProXL Consulting, and his seven reasons for using agile:

Video 3:  Reason 1. Ambiguous Requirements

Video 4:  Reason 2.  Requirements Changes are Inevitable

Watts Humphrey's Requirements Uncertainty Principle - "For a new software system, the requirements will not be completely known until after the users have used it."

Video 5:  Reason 3.  Big Upfront Planning is not practical

Video 6:  Reason 4.  Reviewing Working Software is Better Than Reviewing Documents

Video 7:  Reason 5.  Iterative and Incremental Developoment is better than Sequential Waterfall Development

Video 8:  Reasons 6 and 7.  Delivery through small baby steps is always better than a single huge delivery at project's end; and, Frequesnt reflection by the project team.

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