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Friday, August 8, 2014

Getting Back on the Horse . . .

One of the reasons that I work as a Project Manager and Scrum Master is the variety.  Starting new initiatives is just fun and exciting.  I tip my hat to operational managers who can do the same work day after day and month after month - but that is not me.

Yes, I've taken an unplanned sabbatical.  I wrapped a project and a client engagement in May and took a few months to myself.  I didn't post anything during that time.  Now I am back to work on a new client site and working on new projects.  Time to get back in the saddle and share my thoughts, insights, and things I want to remember here at

Here is a fun blog I found yesterday:

Written by Jeff Atwood who manages to make coding topics interesting.  I especially like his post about new coding terms.  My favorite:  "Protoduction"

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