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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Crazy about SCRUM

I have been excited about Scrum since I first learned of it.  I find Scrum concepts and language working their way into my projects at every opportunity.  This is the first of a series of posts about scrum - each will contain a growing list of references (with links) for further study.

This first Scrum post introduces the Scrum Guide (new July 2011 version) and embeds a nice 8 minute video that introduces the concepts.

The Scrum guide is a fast read (17 pages) that explains the Scrum process framework.  I highly recommend that every IT PM read and become familiar with this material.  Find a link in the Scrum References list below.

Here is the video - watch it often :)

Scrum References List:

The Scrum Guide:  The Definitive Guide to Scrum - The Rules of the game
Note that the Scrum Guide is revised as of July 2011 - this link is to the current version

Video:  Learn SCRUM in Under 10 Minutes

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