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Saturday, January 14, 2012

AboutProjectManagement's Anki Project - Part 3: Shared Decks

Continuing to explore the Anki Flashcard system, today's post introduces shared card decks.

Anki is a great tool to start with. Active recall testing and spaced repetition make Anki more efficient than traditional study methods. Anki's repository of shared decks makes Anki that much more valuable by allowing me to browse decks that others have created and download those that I wish to study.

To find shared decks (including our decks - subject of a later post) select download in Anki and search by the desired deck's name/subject.

As you can see, I just uploaded's deck - only 14 facts so far. More about this in part 4 of our continuing series.

Teaser: I'm thinking of doing a series of posts covering my favorite tools for Project Managers, Anki will certainly be one of those tools.

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